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Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities at Kaneiolouma will assist Hawaiians, especially youth, to develop a sense of self through strengthening understanding of place and history. Participants will learn about their ahupua'a and the cultural, recreational and environmental resources within it. They will also learn about Hawaiian history and the mo'olelo (legends) of their ancestors, and engage in cultural activities like oli (chants), mele (song), and hula (dance).

In the future, organized educational events may also include seminars and guest lectures for the community. Informal classes will be offered, such as: the art of stone, dance, language, traditional food production and preparation, mapping, archeology, astronomy, Hawaiian landscape regeneration, and history.

During the reconstruction phase currently underway, educational programs are limited to school groups who have arranged tours with the Hui in advance. As the Heiau is not presently open to the public, these tours are only offered on a limited basis. If your school, group, or organization would like to request an educational tour, please contact the Hui here.

Project Goals

To preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian culture through protection and restoration of Kahua O Kāneiolouma.

To honor and respect the sacred places of Kāneiolouma while enhancing educational and recreational opportunities.

To provide a living link to Hawaiian traditions and heritage through expanded knowledge and experience of cultural practices.