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Viewing Platform and New Interpretive Signs Now Open to Public

With the recent completion of the public viewing platform, visitors no longer have to ask, “What is this place?” Now they are greeted with five new interpretive signs and an inspiring ocean view.

“This particular place, Kāneiolouma, is a very special, spiritual, and sacred place here on our island. This place was once hidden, and now it’s coming to life,” says Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho.

The first sign is dedicated to Henry Kekahuna, the Hawaiian surveyor who mapped the Kāneiolouma complex in 1959. The second sign is the Polynesian triangle. The third is the Hawaiian moon calendar. The fourth talks about Kauai’s heritage, and the last sign tells the history of the restoration project. Each sign is written in both English and Hawaiian language, and measures three feet tall by four feet wide.

PDF versions of the interpretive signs may be downloaded below:

Sign 1 "Henry Kekahuna" Download (1.5mb) »
Sign 2 "Polynesian Triangle" Download (1mb) »
Sign 3 "Hawaiian Moon Calendar" Download (1mb) »
Sign 4 "Kauai Heritage" Download (1.2mb) »
Sign 5 "Kaneiolouma History" Download (1.8mb) »

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