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Ancient Hawaiian Village & Heiau Restoration Project

The Kāneiolouma Complex in Poʻipū, Kauaʻi, is an important part of the Hawaiian cultural renaissance. Until recently this site remained a complete mystery. Now the ancient village is being brought back to life.

Goals of the Project:

To preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian culture through protection and restoration of Kahua O Kāneiolouma.

To honor and respect the sacred places of Kāneiolouma while enhancing educational and recreational opportunities.

To provide a living link to Hawaiian traditions and heritage through expanded knowledge and experience of cultural practices.

  • Senators Visit Kaneiolouma
  • We Support Mauna Kea at Kaneiolouma
  • Balancing Past and Future at Ke Kahua O Kaneiolouma
  • June 2015 Aerial Photos
  • Hawaiian Islands Land Trust Tour
  • Grand Hyatt Tour & Aunty Stella Tribute
  • Kaneiolouma at 2014 SHA Conference
  • Kamehameha Schools Student Visit
  • Progress at Kaneiolouma Site
  • 2014 Aerials of Kaneiolouma