The Restoration Plan

Phase III Scheduled to Resume in 2022

Phase I of the project included clearing the site, a 3D site survey, and the successful completion of the Maokalanipo wall.

Phase II saw the dedication of carved Ki‘i statues to honor the Hawaiian Gods, and interpretive signs on the open space public viewing platform.

Phase III begins restoration of inner walls, fish ponds, and hale sites located within Area 1 on the map below. Efforts will resume in 2022 depend on funding, along with County of Kauai and community support.

Phase IV includes the opening of the interior village space for cultural events, visitors and tours, along with enhanced pedestrian shoreline access and a visitors' center, originally planned for the year 2024.

Interview with Peleke Flores

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Phase I (completed)

  • Removal of invasive species
  • Security wall construction
  • Protective signage installation
  • Adjacent parcel acquisition
  • 3D site survey

Phase II (completed)

  • Install traditional Ki'i statues
  • Interpretive signs and viewing platform
  • Celestial navigation markers
  • Replanting of 400 native trees

Phase III (in progress)

  • Removal of hurricane debris
  • Restore walls and hale sites
  • Taro patches and fish ponds
  • Makahiki arena and idol sites
  • Cultural and educational programs

Phase IV

  • Host traditional Makahiki games
  • Docent training and public tours
  • Integrate Manokalanipo park
  • Interpretive center for visitors
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