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2017 Koloa Days Historical Presentation

Braving thunder and rain as remnants of Hurricane Fernanda touched Kauai, over thirty locals and visitors came to hear the story of Kaneiolouma this morning. Then at 9am, the scheduled start time for the tour, the rain stopped. 

Po'o Rupert Rowe and Billy Kaohelauli'i, along with cultural representative Canen Ho’okano, shared many cultural insights and personal stories about the battle to preserve this sacred site. During the question and answer period someone asked, "What are the plans now that the clearing is nearly complete?" Mr Rowe answered that if all goes well the Hui intends to stand up all of the hale, rock walls, fish ponds, and taro patches within the next three years. And then to open the cultural center to the world.

Mahalo to all who shared their support and Aloha today, and to Koloa Days for including Kaneiolouma in this year's presentations.

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