Kāneiolouma in San Francisco Chronicle

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In a recent article called "What’s new: Island-by-island look at latest in Hawaii" author Jeanne Cooper of the San Francisco Chronicle gives mention to the Kāneiolouma project.

“Interpretive signs along a new walkway and viewing platform at the recently cleared Kāneiolouma complex near Poipu Beach help visitors understand its history and cultural traditions. Visitors to Poipu Beach no longer have to wonder what’s the story with the four towering Kiʻi* overlooking 13 acres that for years were covered with brush and weeds. A new viewing platform and walkway sport five interpretive signs sharing detailed stories of Ke Kahua O Kāneioluma (the Kāneioluma complex), first mapped in 1959 and including a centuries-old heiau (temple), rock walls, home sites, games arena and fishpond.”

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* Editorial Note - The original article described the tall wooden statues of Kāneiolouma as Tiki, which is a Polynesian term. Kiʻi is the correct terminology in Hawaiian culture.